WARNING: Mandatory U.S. Dollar Recall on December 13th?

If you have any U.S. dollars in your bank account... You must see this shocking video exposing the government's new plan to recall the U.S. dollar. And if you don't prepare now, you could end up holding a bunch of worthless U.S. dollars.

Atlassian Analyst Sees It Driving Better Cloud Adoption, Monetization; Maintains As Top Pick

Anusuya Lahiri
September 30, 2022
  • Mizuho analyst Gregg Moskowitz reiterated a Buy on Atlassian Corporation Plc (NASDAQ:TEAM) and a $360 price target with the company remaining a top pick.
  • He attended TEAM's inaugural work management event in SF, called Work Life. 
  • Work management represents a growing source of investment for TEAM. At the event, management emphasized a high degree of integration and collaboration among the four products contained within this group. 
  • Management also announced Atlassian Together, a new suite of work management products that he believes would typically translate to a significant price uplift for customers that adopt it. 
  • He remains confident that TEAM can benefit from its strategic actions, which should drive much better cloud adoption and overall monetization in FY23 and beyond. 
  • Price Action: TEAM shares traded higher by 1.18% at $214.84 on the last check Friday.

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Biden's 2024 dilemma: US economy looks solid, but voters still not feeling it

WASHINGTON (AP) — goes into next year's election with a vexing challenge: Just as the U.S. economy is getting stronger, people are still about it.

Warren Buffett Just Bet 47% of His Portfolio... - Ad

Elon Musk... Mark Cuban... Bill Ackman... Peter Thiel... even famous tech-skeptic Warren Buffett's gone "all-in" on A.I., plowing a colossal 47% of his $375B portfolio. They intend to make a killing on the early stages of this unprecedented market opportunity. What about you?

A Look At Upcoming IPOs For The Week

With the start of a new week comes the excitement surrounding a new set of companies looking to make an impact through their public offerings. According to Benzinga Pro, these enticing companies are scheduled to trade publicly this week.

The "Smart Money" Is Ready for Dec. 12th. Are You? - Ad

Some of America's best "Doomsday" investors are buying one stock right now...and on December 12th, you'll understand why. This stock has a track record of holding its own during bloodbaths.

Edward Snowden Slams Apple, Google Amid DOJ Data Sharing Accusations, Says Tech Giants Have 'Privacy-Hostile Design'

Former U.S. intelligence contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden has criticized Google and Apple after accusations that the tech giants shared push notification data with the Department of Justice, raising concerns about privacy invasion and surveillance.

Ride the AI Arms Race Today for as Little as $100 - Ad

Some of the most profitable companies in the world are pouring stunning amounts of money into what is quickly becoming an AI arms race. But I've found a better way to tap into the AI market...One that you can get the ball rolling with for around $100.

Mariah Carey's 1994 hit 'All I Want for Christmas is You' still dominates the holiday charts

NEW YORK (AP) — If anything about Mariah Carey's “All I Want for Christmas is You” annoys you, best to avoid shopping malls now. Or the radio. Maybe music altogether, for that matter.

Insiders Buying Eyenovia And 3 Other Stocks Under $2

The Dow Jones closed lower by around 80 points on Tuesday. When insiders purchase or sell shares, it indicates their confidence or concern around the company's prospects. Investors and traders interested in penny stocks can consider this a factor in their overall investment or trading decision.

A.I. Crushes Wall Street "Gurus" - Ad

Recently, our latest A.I. stock-picking tool, An-E (pronounced Annie), predicted Johnson & Johnson would drop -10% -- a shocking prediction. Because the top analysts all predicted the stock was due for a price spike. Jim Cramer even had it on his list of the top 10 stocks to buy now. The result? J&J dropped 10%, just as An-E predicted. (J&J even had massive layoffs). But was it a fluke, or is An-E the real deal?

Edmunds picks the five best cars for under $30,000

While buying used is always an option, there are some great new cars out there that are still affordably priced. The automotive experts at Edmunds have selected five standout vehicles with starting prices less than $30,000.

Top 5 Tech And Telecom Stocks That You May Want To Dump In Q4

As of Nov. 28, 2023, five stocks in the communication services sector could be flashing a real warning to investors who value momentum as a key criteria in their trading decisions.

Elon Musk: This Will Be Bigger Than Tesla - Ad

I'm talking about Elon Musk's Optimus robots. These robots will make it cheaper to manufacture goods here in America than China and I predict between now and January 9, 2024, AI technology will open a "wealth window" that could be the biggest wealth-building opportunity of your lifetime.

Wall Street Charging Ahead With A.I. (Here's How to Keep Pace) - Ad

A.I. is taking over Wall Street! Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, and Bank of America are pouring vast resources into A.I. And TradeSmith is keeping pace with An-E. This cutting-edge A.I. predicts prices on over 3,000 stocks -- 30 days in the future. But don't take our word for it. TradeSmith's John Jagerson put An-E to the ultimate test on Wall Street.

Robert De Niro Censored Over Trump Comments, Is Apple To Blame?

Actor Robert De Niro shared criticism of Donald Trump at a recent awards show and blamed a large tech company for altering his speech.

Wanna Know Which Stocks Are Likely to Drop? (See Here) - Ad

What if you could see every stock that is likely to drop in the next 30 days? It would give you a HUGE advantage -- and make investing in the stock market a whole lot calmer. That's why we built An-E that predicts prices on over 3,000 stocks -- 30 days in the future! But how does An-E hold up to the ultimate test on Wall Street?

Move Your Money (Here) Before Dec. 12th - Ad

If you think the markets are volatile now... wait for December 12th. Because a critical financial event is rushing toward you. And I recommend preparing immediately using one straightforward step. Get the full story -- for free -- including what famous billionaire "Doomsday" investors are doing.

Ron DeSantis Claps Back At Gavin Newsom: California Governor's Father-In-Law Moved To Florida Because Of High Taxes

Ron DeSantis alleged that the father-in-law of Gavin Newsom migrated to Florida to elude the burden of high taxes and soaring living costs in California.

This AI Stock Is Still Dirt Cheap - Ad

If I told you that we'd be using AI to save lives on the battlefield, you'd think it was science fiction. But this is happening right now on the front lines of Ukraine. Wall Street giants just reported that they own over $1 billion in stock and it is still dirt cheap at less than $15 per share.

Final goodbye: Recalling influential people who died in 2023

From a hot dog vendor to head of the formidable mercenary army his rise through Russian society could easily be described as meteoric. But it all came to a when the plane carrying him and others mysteriously exploded.

Dutch lawyers seek a civil court order to halt the export of F-35 fighter jet parts to Israel

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Human rights lawyers went to court in the Netherlands on Monday to call for a halt to the export of fighter jet parts to Israel that could be used in attacks on Gaza.

Buy This AI Stock Before Elon's Announcement - Ad

Teeka Tiwari, the man who picked Nvidia before it skyrocketed as high as 5,246%, is now recommending this AI stock... Because it's most likely supplying Elon Musk with a key piece of advanced tech for his new AI venture.

Circle Rejects Watchdog Group's Accusations Of Ties To Hamas Funding

Digital currency company and USDC stablecoin issuer, Circle has strongly denied accusations made by a Washington watchdog group.

Behind The Scenes, Huawei Reportedly Becomes Central Player In China's Chip War Strategy

Huawei Technologies Co. is being covertly positioned by the Chinese government as a central figure in the country's strategy to create an independent semiconductor industry.

Putin's New Move a Threat to 124 Million U.S. Bank Accounts - Ad

Putin knows he can't win a shooting war against America. So instead of attacking us with traditional weapons... He just dropped this "financial nuclear bomb" on America that could wipe out as many as 124 million U.S. bank accounts, including YOURS.

Anonymous Donor Injects Millions Into Trump-Linked Think Tank

Although the exact figures are not revealed, the contribution is estimated to be in the millions.

Forget ChatGPT and Nvidia... Here Comes the "Next Big Thing" - Ad

While everyone is talking about ChatGPT and NVIDIA, the real opportunity centers on an under-the-radar $3 AI Wonder Stock no one is talking about. We have reason to believe its share price could go ballistic in the coming days and weeks.

Former Indiana lawmaker pleads guilty to casino corruption charge

INDIANPOLIS (AP) — A former Indiana lawmaker pleaded guilty Tuesday to supporting a bill favoring a casino in exchange for promises of lucrative employment.

Incredible Crypto Loophole Revealed - Get $10 in BTC for Watching - Ad

Learn a profitable newbie-friendly crypto loophole that works no matter if markets are up or down. Register for our free "Loophole" strategy training today and get $10 in Bitcoin for attending. No catch. No purchase necessary.

Qualcomm, Target And 2 Other Stocks Insiders Are Selling

The Nasdaq 100 closed slightly lower on Wednesday. Investors, meanwhile, focused on some notable insider trades.

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