System Issues Red-Hot A.I. Alert...

A powerful stock-picking system that a Georgetown study found gives its users an "important economic advantage" has just identified a "second wave" of A.I. stocks ready to pop.

Why Amylyx Pharmaceuticals Is Trading Higher By Over 8%; Here Are 22 Stocks Moving Premarket

Lisa Levin
September 30, 2022


  • SAI.TECH Global Corporation (NASDAQ:SAI) rose 42% to $3.21 in pre-market trading after dipping 26% on Thursday. SAI.TECH recently announced the launch of new liquid cooling Bitcoin mining infrastructure products.
  • SHF Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:SHFS) shares rose 36.2% to $11.90 in pre-market trading after declining 15% on Thursday. Northern Lights Acquisition completed business combination of SHF, Safe Harbor Financial, which offers compliance services to financial institutions that serve the regulated cannabis industry.
  • Arrival (NASDAQ:ARVL) rose 34% to $1.06 in pre-market trading. Arrival said it has produced the first production verification vehicle from its Bicester Microfactory.
  • WISeKey International Holding AG (NASDAQ:WKEY) rose 16% to $1.74 in pre-market trading.
  • Iveda Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:IVDA) rose 14.7% to $0.70 in pre-market trading after declining over 6% on Thursday. Iveda Solutions, last month, announced a $5 million private placement.
  • Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais (NYSE:CIG) rose 10.6% to $2.18 in pre-market trading after dropping around 3% on Thursday.
  • First Wave BioPharma, Inc. (NASDAQ:FWBI) rose 10.3% to $1.60 in pre-market trading.
  • Amylyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMLX) rose 8.5% to $32.75 in pre-market trading after the company received FDA approval of Relyvrio for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
  • GigaCloud Technology Inc. (NASDAQ:GCT) rose 7.3% to $12.30 in pre-market trading.
  • IonQ, Inc. (NYSE:IONQ) rose 7% to $5.11 in pre-market trading after declining around 6% on Thursday.
  • AST SpaceMobile, Inc. (NASDAQ:ASTS) rose 6.6% to $7.56 in pre-market trading after declining over 4% on Thursday.
  • Micron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:MU) rose 3.6% to $51.83 in pre-market trading. Micron posted upbeat earnings for its fourth quarter, while sales missed estimates. The company also issued Q1 revenue guidance below estimates.

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  • American Virtual Cloud Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:AVCT) fell 33.6% to $0.1980 in pre-market trading. AVCT announced intent to effect reverse stock split.
  • Rent-A-Center Inc (NASDAQ:RCII) fell 20.5% to $17.75 in pre-market trading as the company lowered its earnings guidance for the third quarter and named Mr. Fahmi Karam as new Executive Vice President - Chief Financial Officer.
  • Tuesday Morning Corporation (NASDAQ:TUEM) shares fell 16.9% to $0.11 in pre-market trading after dropping around 7% on Thursday. Tuesday Morning recently posted a Q4 loss of $0.33 per share.
  • Green Giant Inc. (NASDAQ:GGE) fell 15.2% to $0.95 in pre-market trading after dropping around 14% on Thursday.
  • NIKE, Inc. (NYSE:NKE) fell 9.3% to $86.45 in pre-market trading. NIKE reported better-than-expected earnings and sales results for its first quarter on Thursday. However, the company reported a rise in quarter-ended inventories and revenue in the Greater China region also declined from a year ago.
  • Silo Pharma, Inc. (NASDAQ:SILO) fell 9.2% to $4.70 in pre-market trading following the company's recent uplisting to Nasdaq.
  • Atlis Motor Vehicles Inc (NASDAQ:AMV) fell 9.2% to $30.80 in pre-market trading after dipping around 55% on Thursday. The company recently posted a loss of $2.06 per share for the quarter ending June 30, 2022.
  • Alpine Summit Energy Partners Inc (NASDAQ:ALPS) shares fell 6.3% to $4.96 in pre-market trading.
  • bioAffinity Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:BIAF) shares fell 6% to $2.82 in pre-market trading. BioAffinity Technologies recently announced it received an additional $7.7 million from the exercise of warrants.
  • Golden Sun Education Group Limited (NASDAQ:GSUN) fell 5.5% to $30.61 in pre-market trading after surging around 14% on Thursday.

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