Ukraine's "Secret Weapon" Against Russia

Ukraine has a new weapon that's never been used before in war. This "living software" has been its secret weapon against Russia. The Wall Street Journal Reports: "it's a technical revolution." Early investors can reap 5,633% gains on the small company that makes it.

Fastly's Price Target Cut By 29% As Near-Term Revenue Growth Missed Its Expectations

Anusuya Lahiri
August 12, 2022
  • Raymond James analyst Frank Louthan maintained Fastly, Inc (NYSE:FSLYwith a Strong Buy and cut the price target from $35 to $25.
  • Fastly clocked 21% revenue growth to $102.5 million in Q2, beating the consensus of $101.3 million. EPS loss of $(0.23) missed the consensus loss of $(0.17).
  • Fastly sees Q3 revenue of $102 million - $105 million above the consensus of $100.4 million; EPS loss of $(0.18)-$(0.15) below the consensus loss of $(0.14).
  • Fastly sees FY22 revenue of $415 million - $425 million above the consensus of $411.03 million; EPS loss of $(0.68)-$(0.63) below the consensus loss of $(0.56). 
  • Fastly named Cisco Systems, Inc's (NASDAQ:CSCO) Todd Nightingale as CEO effective September 1, 2022 succeeding Joshua Bixby.
  • The firm's proprietary tracking tool correctly predicted Fastly's near-term revenue growth would beat the guidance, despite missing the firm's Street-high forecast, Louthan noted.
  • He believes the slight raise in full-year guidance and the CEO transition announcement will be well-received over time. 
  • Fastly posted even more substantial traffic sequentially during July relative to June, and he saw the strength carry over through the first ten full days of August.
  • While he still views Fastly's revenue multiples as high, he believes the steady traffic increases will continue to garner the Street's attention, especially with recent execution and the appointment of a new CEO. 
  • The price target assumes the new leadership and better growth will bring profitability sooner. 
  • Price Action: FSLY shares closed higher by 5.45% at $12.18 on Friday.

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Fastly's Price Target Cut By 29% As Near-Term Revenue Growth Missed Its Expectations

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